Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Sexy VS Ugly

So you're boyfriend is a model and you're one chubby girl who is ashamed of your body, he says he love the way you are but you're shy about your body and you find it difficult to enjoy sex with him.

Let get this straight, if you boy loves you for who you are, you need to really learn to love yourself as well.... Imagine if you're a model and you are surrounded by muscular men everyday, do you wanna go home to one as well? Bored uh! Trust me, men like this or girls as well, they want to be with someone different, someone they don't have to work with everyday, someone wholesome and womanly in their way. Think about it, if he wants one he don't have any problem getting a skinny girl but he wants you! YOU! You're one lucky girl to have such boy appreciating women they way they are not they way they look so you have to enjoy and appreciate this or other women will take your place and you do not want that to happen!

Giving him up....

Is ur relationship shaky and you're trying to get back to the right path? Don't worry, its not dead until you tried some of these quick solutions

You had a mega fight
.....You shouted at him and he got mad and ran off without calling or texting you....its not over
Don't use friends or relatives to make settle things between you both..NEVER, never find middle made your mistakes, at least take the effort to go talk to him again and apologize.....

He kissed another woman.....GREAT, who wants this to happen? If that guy does not care about you then forget about him! but if he keeps calling and finding you, you need to give him a chance to explain at least, hear what he have to say....Maybe he was drunk, and then tell him how you feel if he caught u kissing another man too, and tell him that he have to earn the trust back again and set some rules :P

He caught u cheating! Whooo hoo......hows that? He have the right to get mad and trust me, men has their pride and they don't want to be the one got cheated as well... So, if he doesn't answer your call or text, its normal, wait till his calm and then try talking to him..Don't say things like he neglected you and u just wanna be loved, instead say something like how awful and stupid you are for doing such thing, tell him what's lack in the relationship and tell him you want to start all over again, mgive you a chance. If he coudn't take it, then try chasing him again. If he said ok, then make him love and trust you :)

You admitted about your fake orgasms....You totally took away his pride. At one point, sometimes you just do not need to tel the truth, don't fake it but just don't tell the truth, explain to him and said you're trying and tell him how to make it work together for both of you. Don't blame him for not making the right move, instead sit down and talk about the problem :)

All the best!

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