Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Sexy VS Ugly

So you're boyfriend is a model and you're one chubby girl who is ashamed of your body, he says he love the way you are but you're shy about your body and you find it difficult to enjoy sex with him.

Let get this straight, if you boy loves you for who you are, you need to really learn to love yourself as well.... Imagine if you're a model and you are surrounded by muscular men everyday, do you wanna go home to one as well? Bored uh! Trust me, men like this or girls as well, they want to be with someone different, someone they don't have to work with everyday, someone wholesome and womanly in their way. Think about it, if he wants one he don't have any problem getting a skinny girl but he wants you! YOU! You're one lucky girl to have such boy appreciating women they way they are not they way they look so you have to enjoy and appreciate this or other women will take your place and you do not want that to happen!

Giving him up....

Is ur relationship shaky and you're trying to get back to the right path? Don't worry, its not dead until you tried some of these quick solutions

You had a mega fight
.....You shouted at him and he got mad and ran off without calling or texting you....its not over
Don't use friends or relatives to make settle things between you both..NEVER, never find middle made your mistakes, at least take the effort to go talk to him again and apologize.....

He kissed another woman.....GREAT, who wants this to happen? If that guy does not care about you then forget about him! but if he keeps calling and finding you, you need to give him a chance to explain at least, hear what he have to say....Maybe he was drunk, and then tell him how you feel if he caught u kissing another man too, and tell him that he have to earn the trust back again and set some rules :P

He caught u cheating! Whooo hoo......hows that? He have the right to get mad and trust me, men has their pride and they don't want to be the one got cheated as well... So, if he doesn't answer your call or text, its normal, wait till his calm and then try talking to him..Don't say things like he neglected you and u just wanna be loved, instead say something like how awful and stupid you are for doing such thing, tell him what's lack in the relationship and tell him you want to start all over again, mgive you a chance. If he coudn't take it, then try chasing him again. If he said ok, then make him love and trust you :)

You admitted about your fake orgasms....You totally took away his pride. At one point, sometimes you just do not need to tel the truth, don't fake it but just don't tell the truth, explain to him and said you're trying and tell him how to make it work together for both of you. Don't blame him for not making the right move, instead sit down and talk about the problem :)

All the best!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Weight Loss Secrets

If they can do it the right way, why not you....

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Wannabe 2

Ever wonder why models are so thin, tall and they can weight less than 40? Well, one of the reasons may be, the designers find it easier to design clothes for them, less clothes, less money...
There aren't much models in the international level that looks perfectly beautiful.. Well, the face and body seldom comes together...If you have the body, you might not have the looks..If you have the looks, you might not have the body... Its fair, but it is true....most models sometimes just have the body! and not everything u see in the magazine potraits the real look of them!

The tall tiny models had actually influence other girls around the world to lose weight in the wrong way, not just that, they try to be like them.......and do you think by being them, you gonna be happier? or ur life can change for the better?

The Singapore girls reality show, the evil real true story drama queens actually makes a girl obsess with one of them so much that she thought of doing plastic surgery like them too.....

She looks on her blog everyday, trying to be like her, wanting and dying to be like her..But the thing is, she does not need to....she is beautiful in her own way but it's still not enough for her....

Can plastic surgery makes u look better? Think about MJ, how it affects his life....

Why do ppl desperate why to be like others and destroy their own life???

Is it worth it?

Why try to be someone ure not?!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


There are times when we wannabe like someone.....
We walked pass a hot girl with Chanel earings on her ears, AX sunglasses, Forever 21 tank top, Top Shop laggings, with high heels carrying a LV bag and we thought "how we wish we could be her."
The thing is, they might be rich and famous.....but they have hard time maintaining what they have too....
A girl who is elegant and sexy may be someone who act just like us. Or worst, they had more worries and depression..

Girls like that sometimes turn out to be attention seeker, confuse about themselves, no goals in life, and insecure...

We don't have to be them! We just have to be ourselves.

However we really tend to follow the flow, the envy others and not appreciating what we actually have which is sometimes better than them...

Why is it so hard to be ourselves? Why do we wannabe them?

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Do it the right way!

Losing weight is not a problem if you do it the right healthy way...

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Weight Loss

Does weight matters????

When you get thinner and hotter, every male in town circle around you.

When you're fat, people look down on you and you never seems to be part of the community....

Everyone wants to get thinner, weight is always the matter...and we are all doing it the wrong way! Taking drugs, skipping a meal, starving ourselves, vomitting all the food out...

Its never a healthy way of losing weight when you don't exercise or sweat...

Who made this?

The ads? The drugs?

Friday, August 14, 2009


Some teens are spoiled.

And when they grow up, the SPOILED word is just in them. Who do we blame? Them? Or their parents?

A teenage student said that WHY DO WE NEED TO WORK PART TIME, when we do not even have cash? Her solution "Get it from her parents!" She even said that she does not have time to work but instead, she spend her free time shopping. She owns all the latest branded bags and handphone and constantly ask her parents for money to get new stuff.

A young pretty student asked all her friends, even to those who she is not close to if there is anyone of them or their friends who owns a car and stays near the place she works. Well, its totally obvious that she needs a ride from them and is not willing to take the public transport. A friend told me that she relies too much on others and only do things for her on sake or benefit. Which i think why this phrase "friend for benefits?" exists because of all these spoil brats. The thing is, she is taught that way, she is brought up that way and will she ever know that what she is asking is wrong? and think about it, it doesn't make sense. Nobody gives anything free to anyone!

So who to be blame? Her parents? or her???

I would personally say, both....... and if no one is ever gonna tell them what they are doing is wrong, they will make this world a selfish place, which is gonna be bring down again generation after generations...

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Weird Friendship

Where are your friends when you needed them most?

This may not happen often to girls friendship but sometimes we wonder that do guys actually really care about friendship among themselves?

Well, GUY don't talk about their feelings to another them, its weird, its wrong....How often you met a guy who talks about their personal life to another guy friend? Hardly right?

There are some guys who are 23 this year but yet they are not grown up yet, they love online games so much that they spend whole day staring at the computer screen, going on those schedule raids, buying golds, staying up so late just to play the game.. Well, i'm not trying to say that online game is ain't good but some people just got addicted to it so much that they sometimes don't even care about eating and socializing with the people around them...

Our social life is very crucial and can never be neglected!

A friend of mine complained that his real life gaming friend only look for him when they needed him and have to help one of them (A) which he is not close to, to solved the problem and wondering where is A's bestfriend is, and why isn't he helping him to solved it? The answer: His bestfriend is busy playing game and have no time to help him.... This is what friends are for?

Well, is game is more important than knowing about your friend's problem? The funniest part is, both of them do not look for each other when they have problem but they find my friend instead.
They spend so much time together in games, going out for dinner or supper and movies but when it comes to problems, they run away from each other....

I don't think that guy who share their feelings with another guy friend is 'UNCOOL' or 'GAY', but not all guys are like that, which if fine...but we have to know that the people around us are important and they are the ones who are gonna be with us until the day we're gone....and when they are gone, you only tend to appreciate them which is too late....

Games are the temporary entertainment, but being a GOOD guy friend makes this world a better place...

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Better Future

#17 I choose to married a doctor because he can give me a better future but i still love the man next door who repairs my shoe

Monday, August 10, 2009

I lied

#16 I create fake stories because I never want to tell others that i fail.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


#15 I'm a conservative person and i am afraid to change.. I want things to be the way it is like before but losing my virginity to a guy i love for years just make me wanna stay in this forever.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


#14 There are things where you cannot tell you other half, because you want them to act without you asking. But they just don't get it, and they never will.

Monday, August 3, 2009


#13 Bang my dog over my foolish anger and my whole family blame me, everything will change.

Sunday, August 2, 2009


Picture by Dakotac81

#12 "I've always think that i'm not good enough for others. One day a guy told me he likes me but i never dare to say i like him too when i did. His now married and i'm still loving him, being single. I wish he knew"

Saturday, August 1, 2009


#11 A girl confess that her father beats her but she have no authority to fight back or report to anyone, her whole family knows about it but nothing can be done... They are rich but the children have no authority to speak for themselves.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Weird but True

#6 I am a 40 year old man and still hugging my teddy bear while sleeping... Nice?

7 I decided to pee in the cinema because i didn't want to miss out one part of the movie... :X

#8 One day when i suddenly let go a fart in front of my girl friend which i never do before in front of a supermarket Q, she turns around and say to the mum of two kids "thats rude"

#9 There are so many beautiful women working in my place but my boss only locks the door when i'm with him in the room, his gay....

#10 I like my teacher and i tried kissing her once, she slapped and class was never the same again.. I feel shame

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Nothing but the Truth

#1 I can't do this but i have to break up with my bf.

#2 I own 5 houses and 7 cars but i'm still a virgin.

#3 I only date their money

#4 I've gotten up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom and then fallen asleep while on the toilet. I don't know if any of my roomates found out or not.

#5 I made a 20 years old model pregnant and i had no idea how to tell my wife

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