Sunday, September 6, 2009

Wannabe 2

Ever wonder why models are so thin, tall and they can weight less than 40? Well, one of the reasons may be, the designers find it easier to design clothes for them, less clothes, less money...
There aren't much models in the international level that looks perfectly beautiful.. Well, the face and body seldom comes together...If you have the body, you might not have the looks..If you have the looks, you might not have the body... Its fair, but it is true....most models sometimes just have the body! and not everything u see in the magazine potraits the real look of them!

The tall tiny models had actually influence other girls around the world to lose weight in the wrong way, not just that, they try to be like them.......and do you think by being them, you gonna be happier? or ur life can change for the better?

The Singapore girls reality show, the evil real true story drama queens actually makes a girl obsess with one of them so much that she thought of doing plastic surgery like them too.....

She looks on her blog everyday, trying to be like her, wanting and dying to be like her..But the thing is, she does not need to....she is beautiful in her own way but it's still not enough for her....

Can plastic surgery makes u look better? Think about MJ, how it affects his life....

Why do ppl desperate why to be like others and destroy their own life???

Is it worth it?

Why try to be someone ure not?!

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