Tuesday, August 25, 2009


There are times when we wannabe like someone.....
We walked pass a hot girl with Chanel earings on her ears, AX sunglasses, Forever 21 tank top, Top Shop laggings, with high heels carrying a LV bag and we thought "how we wish we could be her."
The thing is, they might be rich and famous.....but they have hard time maintaining what they have too....
A girl who is elegant and sexy may be someone who act just like us. Or worst, they had more worries and depression..

Girls like that sometimes turn out to be attention seeker, confuse about themselves, no goals in life, and insecure...

We don't have to be them! We just have to be ourselves.

However we really tend to follow the flow, the envy others and not appreciating what we actually have which is sometimes better than them...

Why is it so hard to be ourselves? Why do we wannabe them?

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