Thursday, August 13, 2009

Weird Friendship

Where are your friends when you needed them most?

This may not happen often to girls friendship but sometimes we wonder that do guys actually really care about friendship among themselves?

Well, GUY don't talk about their feelings to another them, its weird, its wrong....How often you met a guy who talks about their personal life to another guy friend? Hardly right?

There are some guys who are 23 this year but yet they are not grown up yet, they love online games so much that they spend whole day staring at the computer screen, going on those schedule raids, buying golds, staying up so late just to play the game.. Well, i'm not trying to say that online game is ain't good but some people just got addicted to it so much that they sometimes don't even care about eating and socializing with the people around them...

Our social life is very crucial and can never be neglected!

A friend of mine complained that his real life gaming friend only look for him when they needed him and have to help one of them (A) which he is not close to, to solved the problem and wondering where is A's bestfriend is, and why isn't he helping him to solved it? The answer: His bestfriend is busy playing game and have no time to help him.... This is what friends are for?

Well, is game is more important than knowing about your friend's problem? The funniest part is, both of them do not look for each other when they have problem but they find my friend instead.
They spend so much time together in games, going out for dinner or supper and movies but when it comes to problems, they run away from each other....

I don't think that guy who share their feelings with another guy friend is 'UNCOOL' or 'GAY', but not all guys are like that, which if fine...but we have to know that the people around us are important and they are the ones who are gonna be with us until the day we're gone....and when they are gone, you only tend to appreciate them which is too late....

Games are the temporary entertainment, but being a GOOD guy friend makes this world a better place...


  1. bromances is so wrong dude

  2. bros friendship is not wrong i suppose :)


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