Friday, August 14, 2009


Some teens are spoiled.

And when they grow up, the SPOILED word is just in them. Who do we blame? Them? Or their parents?

A teenage student said that WHY DO WE NEED TO WORK PART TIME, when we do not even have cash? Her solution "Get it from her parents!" She even said that she does not have time to work but instead, she spend her free time shopping. She owns all the latest branded bags and handphone and constantly ask her parents for money to get new stuff.

A young pretty student asked all her friends, even to those who she is not close to if there is anyone of them or their friends who owns a car and stays near the place she works. Well, its totally obvious that she needs a ride from them and is not willing to take the public transport. A friend told me that she relies too much on others and only do things for her on sake or benefit. Which i think why this phrase "friend for benefits?" exists because of all these spoil brats. The thing is, she is taught that way, she is brought up that way and will she ever know that what she is asking is wrong? and think about it, it doesn't make sense. Nobody gives anything free to anyone!

So who to be blame? Her parents? or her???

I would personally say, both....... and if no one is ever gonna tell them what they are doing is wrong, they will make this world a selfish place, which is gonna be bring down again generation after generations...

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